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Yak Ales Fat Yak 345mL Bottles 24 Pack - test

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Fat Yak is Matilda Bay's interpretation of the North West American style pale ale. It is slightly lower in bitterness than some pale ale offerings, and has all of the classic flavour and aroma cues whilst being more drinkable, for a wider audience.


Uses Nelson Sauvin and Yakima Valley Cascade hops in two parts of the brewing process; in the kettle and cold dry hopped at maturation to produce an herbaceous and aromatic hop driven beer. Crystal and pale malt adds sweetness and balance.

Aroma and Taste:

Bold and hoppy with grassy notes and dark golden amber in colour. The first impression is the distinctive hop driven fruity and herbaceous aromas providing the characteristic citrus, melon and grassy notes. The slightly toasted, caramelised malty palate is balanced by a mild bitterness and rounded, lingering smooth hop finish.

Alcohol Content: 4.7%

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