Pure Blonde

Pure Blonde 375mL Cans 24 Pack

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The first Australian Ultra Low Carbohydrate beer, Pure Blonde is a refreshing, fullflavoured lager, brewed with no preservatives. Pure Blonde is brewed longer to break down more natural sugars than usual, to deliver an easy drinking, ultra low carb brew with 80% less carbohydrates than regular beer and 50% fewer calories than wine per ml.

Pure Blonde is made from pale malt, Australian Pride of Ringwood family hops for bitterness and European Hersbrucker hops added to the kettle for aroma and flavour.

With a pale amber, bright golden glow and subdued foam, Pure Blonde has an aromatic green, herbal hop nose and moderate floral and fruity notes. Its light malt character delivers a smooth, easy drinking, crisp finish.

Alcohol Content: 4.2%

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